Empath Support Circle via Zoom @
Dec 10 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Who is this circle for?
The Empath Support Circle is for individuals who are learning to manage the exceptionally special gift of being an empath as well as experienced empaths who would like to share and continue to grow.

What is the purpose of this circle?
Sometimes the overwhelm and anxiety of life as an empath can leave us feeling isolated and alone. This group is here to foster love and support for each other through the shared experience of being emotionally and psychically gifted. Guided by empath, Reiki practitioner and teacher (Master), Jamie McCormack, this space is open to persons from all walks of life.

Who comes to the Empath Support Circle?
In this group you will find friends who are ready to become empowered empaths and begin the path to making space in our lives for self-care while being true to our “helper” roots. This sacred online space will be a place for sharing your experiences and have the support you need to carry on your journey in a healthy and positive light.

What can I expect?
Each meeting will begin with a gentle guided meditation and quiet time to allow us to connect with our higher selves and each other on a soul level. We will have time to share, discuss and support, and set an intention for what we will work on (skill building) in the week to come. We normally close with distance Reiki for those who wish to participate.

How do I register and is there a fee to participate?
Please email us to register and get the Zoom link and link to our small, private Facebook group. All are welcome, regardless of your ability to pay. However, donations are appreciated from $5-$15. Please give as you receive.
A link will be provided for donations during the circle.

Guidelines for Participation
Please note anyone joining us for the support circle is asked to bring their most compassionate self, a willingness to share, listen and learn, and most importantly, an open heart. This space is free of competition, judgment and aggressive behavior. Participants may always request a time out if needed.

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