Tarot with Tairisiu (Ty-rish) 
Tairisiu is our in-house tarot reader, or should we say, guide. She has created a style of interpreting the tarot that connects the seeker with the cards creating a channel for the higher self to reveal insights into our past, present and future. Tairisiu offers quick reads and more in-depth readings. For appointments longer than 20 minutes, please email ask@moonshadowco.com or call 253.468.8479. 

10-Minute Reading
Tarot readings with Tairisiu get right to the heart of your question. Choose a stone, choose your cards and Tairisiu will take you on a brief and meaningful jaunt through the cards revealing where you’ve been, where you’re headed and influences along that may pop up along the way.  

20-Minute Reading 
Tairisiu connects you to the path your seeking with her intuitive tarot card readings. Her unique style of reading places you at the center of this experience, providing a bird’s eye view of where you’ve been, where you’re headed and how to navigate the twists and turn that may appear on your journey.