By Jamie McCormack 

Grounding meditations and understanding the chakras are vital to your work with Reiki energy and make you an empowered healer who has understanding to share with your clients. 

Throughout my years of working with the Reiki energy and studying with two Reiki Masters, I have learned the power of grounding for myself and my clients as well as how important it is to have a working knowledge of the chakra system. My goal is to help everyone coming to our Reiki First Degree Attunement start out on the same foot, with a fundamental understanding of grounding and the chakras so we can delve into Reiki itself, including a brief overview of the history, how Reiki has evolved in the West and have plenty of time for hands-on learning.

Both the Elemental Grounding Class and Chakra Basics Class provide useful knowledge for everyone; a daily grounding meditation may often make the difference between moving through the day with ease and struggling from hour-to-hour. Add to your grounding routine a solid understanding of the chakra system and you are well on your way to being empowered and able to tend to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs from a place of knowledge and mindfulness.

Students who take both classes will come to Reiki I ready to immerse themselves into their energy healing journey. Reiki I can be the beginning of an exciting path for those who wish to be practitioners and it can also serve as sufficient attunement to the first symbol of Reiki for the home practitioner. Reiki First Degree Attunement often results in beautiful connections with our higher selves, our path and purpose in life and the healing we may need for ourselves.

Feel free to reach out with questions!